Prayer Requests – 29th June 2014

Please consider these items in your prayers …



  • Shemil Mathew who is being ordained today in Peterborough. We have previously supported Shemil and his wife Becky while they were working in a Christian school in Sri Lanka with CMS. They now have two children Thomas and Catherine who is being baptised next month. Pray for others being ordained as ministers that they would seek God’s strength and be committed to preaching the gospel “in season and out of season”, especially in the Church of England at a time of many challenges to biblical teaching and godly living


  • People under strain in difficult circumstances and the friends and families who are trying to give them support. Carers of people with chronic conditions to have patience and stamina. Staff in care and nursing homes


  • For the women being held at Yarlswood and for a new impetus among staff to work with compassionate professionalism in the light of recently reported abuses


  • Anyone about to take a positive new step in life, such as through job change or promotion, retirement, moving house, marriage, birth, baptism. That there would be a matching step forward in discipleship and spiritual growth. Also for those who are anticipating new burdens, responsibilities, or unwelcome pressures that they would deepen their trust in God and be granted strength to persevere