Prayer Requests – 11th May 2014

Please consider these items in your prayers …



Those facing surgery and medical treatment or recovering from illness and/or surgery


All people dealing with bereavement


Those settling in to new routines or jobs

All those affected by sudden disasters, including the landslide in Afghanistan and continuing effects of typhoon Haiyan in Philippines, tsunami in Japan and earthquake in Haiti

Pray for positive benefit through recent changes in Syria and South Sudan. Also for protection, courage and deliverance for the abducted girls in Nigeria


The impact of elections and other political and military events on the people and churches in Iraq, India, Ukraine, North Korea, China


Pupils revising and preparing for exams and students approaching degree finals and considering the future


The continuing debate concerning the structure and age range of local schools. Pray for Head teachers, management staff and governing bodies in discussions this week. Pray for discernment of what is best for the school children whether that be developing and improving the existing arrangements or making significant changes to local schools