Prayer Requests – 30th March 2014

Please consider these items in your prayers …


  • For mothers and fathers to take full responsibility for the care and teaching of their children. For children without parents to be cared for in safety. For God’s provision of marriage to be understood and appreciated more and more and to be a source of blessing to others


  • Pray for those (children and adults) with mental health challenges and for the parents, carers, professionals and neighbours who are closest to them offering support, as well as dealing with everyday responsibilities at home or work


  • All people dealing with bereavement; not only coping with emotional and practical pressures but also facing spiritual questions. Ask God to comfort encourage and teach them through difficult times, including those affected by the landslide in Washington State and the relatives of those on Flight MH370


  • For people in dangerous situations because of natural disaster, criminal violence, religious conflict or political instability, especially remembering South Sudan, Mexico, Nigeria, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, North Korea. For all Christians to have courage and to be able to show care and concern for others in a Christ-like way


  • Give thanks for all who attended The Spice of Life meal. Pray for conversations arising from the evening as they continue to explore the meaning of Easter


  • The Good Artist: April 8th – 10th Give thanks that we are full. Please pray for final practical preparations including the decoration of the church on Monday 7th Core team: Sally Eddon, Nicky Bailey, Sue Williams Julia Pullin, Cate Salkield, Martin Bailey