Prayer Requests – 23rd February 2014

Please consider these items in your prayers …


  • Pray for people and communities who will be faced with long term effects and disruption caused by the severe weather and floods. Pray for the Christians and churches in those areas to demonstrate care and compassion as they seek to love their neighbours


  • As our nation faces unusual problems pray for clear thinking about how we can meet needs at home and also provide financial and practical aid to those much poorer places in the world with chronic vulnerability to flooding and other overwhelming forces of nature. (e.g Bangladesh, the Philippines)


  • Those preparing for baptism, marriage, birth of children


  • All for whom grief is an everyday burden, that God would grant them encouragement and deepening trust in him so that they can begin to look forward with renewed hope and purpose


  • Pray for the ministers and civil servants seeking to administer welfare and the benefits system. Ask God to give courage to those who see unjust situations to know when  to speak up about them and how to bring about constructive change


  • Pray for God to be merciful by standing in the way of those who oppress others and by giving success to those who are working for peace and stability. Pray for the quarter of a million people suffering under siege in cities and towns in Syria. Also for all those who have been bereaved through the violence arising from political struggles, especially remembering the witness of Christians in the church in Kiev and across Ukraine


  • That God would be glorified through our giving, our service, our witness and responsible use of all