Prayer Requests – 16th February 2014

Please consider these items in your prayers …

  • Pray that God would be at work among people and communities affected by the severe weather and floods to draw people closer to one another and to consider their lives and priorities in a new light. Pray for the Christians and churches in those areas to demonstrate care and compassion as they seek to love their neighbours
  • Ask God to grant strength and stamina to emergency workers and bold decision making to community and political leaders (local and national) as they face criticisms about the past and challenging complexity in planning and investing for the future 
  • As our nation faces unusual problems pray for clear thinking about how we can meet needs at home and also provide financial and practical aid to those much poorer places in the world with chronic vulnerability to flooding and other overwhelming forces of nature. (e.g Bangladesh, the Philippines)
  • Those preparing for baptism, marriage, birth of children
  • The bereaved including family and friends
  • All those recovering from surgery and  receiving other treatment. Give thanks for the provision freely available to so many and pray for those who cannot access the help they feel they need
  • Pray for God to be merciful by standing in the way of those who oppress others and by giving success to those who are working for peace and stability
  • That God would be glorified through our giving and responsible use of all our resources