Weekly Notices – 9th February 2014

Monday 10th    

9.30am Homegroup – Shelton’s, Pertenhall

1.45pm Homegroup – Rotten Row

7.45pm PCC meeting in the Vicarage Extension

Wednesday 12th 

9.00am NB A week earlier than usual ABC- Mums and Toddlers

8.00pm Homegroup – The Williams’ Hunters Lodge

Thursday 13th  

2.30pm Funeral Service

8.00pm Homegroup – 10 College Drive

Friday 14th   

7.30pm Fusion

Working with children – You are required to go through DBS clearance. If you have not yet applied, or it is 5 years since your last CRB check, please email lynda.simister@gmail.com to receive the information you need. Thank you

Annual Profile Reports – Your contribution helps the whole church to aware and informed about ALL that we do. Please be helpful to Catherine Smith by submitting reports asap 

London Men’s Convention – 26th April (morning or evening) Central Hall Westminster

Giving – Next Sunday you will receive a letter and information to help you think about your giving. We are asking everyone to indicate their position so that we can plan creatively and responsibly for all that God calls us to do in the future. ONLY the treasurer  has individual information which is kept in the strictest confidence

Easter Holiday Club  – “The Good Artist” See the board at the front.

◘ Please bring posters, Art calendars with clear paintings (All subjects but especially of natural objects, landscapes and people) ◘Your prayers◘ Large old shirts or similar as painting aprons for children. ◘Cardboard tubes