Prayer Requests – 12th January 2014

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • The meeting on Wednesday evening in Harrold Lower School discussing proposals by the Sharnbrook Schools Federation to change the age range at Sharnbrook Upper School and some other schools. This would have major practical implications for most local schools including Riseley Lower School and Margaret Beaufort. Pray for David Dyson, Lynda Simister and others to be able to represent the interests of our schools’ children and have discernment in assessing the merits and problems of the ideas being put forward


  • All Dads & Me to be a well attended, enjoyable and helpful new event – 25th January


  • For students returning to their courses and facing exams, that they would have godly priorities and keep work in perspective so that there is time to rest and time for Christian fellowship


  • For parents and young people thinking of attending a Summer Venture and for the leaders and their teams as they prepare


  • Receptiveness to God’s direction and the opportunity to grow in faith for all those who are contemplating or adjusting to significant life changes in the coming year such as a change of job, moving house, effects of illness, retirement, family relationships, leaving home, bereavement, births, marriages, work responsibilities


  • Every worker seeking to offer help to those affected by floods and other disasters,  in this country, the Philippines, USA. For those suffering in conflicts in the Middle East, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Afghanistan