Prayer Requests – 15th December 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • That our services and activities over the next few weeks would be full of the true importance of Christmas and that many would gain a deeper understanding of God’s amazing grace and love. Pray for all those who lead and speak to be clear and engaging. Pray that we would all play our part in welcoming, serving refreshments and showing the reality of thankfulness and joy as Christians


  • For all the bereaved, ill and lonely at Christmas. Also homes and families where there are strained relationships


  • All who feel overwhelmed by the demands of life, disappointments, concern for relatives and friends, ill health, strained relationships, loneliness. Pray that all the reminders of Christmas would help people to turn to God
  • In the light of suspicions about how charities use money which is given, pray for God’s hand enable resources to reach those in need and hold back those who are tempted to exploit situations for their gain at the expense of others


  • Continue to pray for church leaders in the Philippines having Christmas celebrations in the midst of widespread destruction after the typhoon. Pray that their witness and acts of service would be an encouragement to those in need all around them


  • That the inspiration brought to many through Nelson Mandela’s commitment to reconciliation would open people’s minds discover God as the true source of peace and reconciliation. Pray that God would raise up leaders who are peacemakers with courage to resist and overcome the war-makers. Remember citizens and refugees in Syria facing unusually harsh winter weather. Unsettled countries including Egypt, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico