Prayer Requests – 8th December 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • our church Christmas card to be well received and used practically to encourage people to come and hear about what Christmas means. Pray for good and manageable numbers to attend the new service for young children on 14th December and all our services. Pray that God would be at work in the hearts of children and adults
  • all who feel overwhelmed by the demands of life, disappointments, concern for relatives and friends, ill health, strained relationships, loneliness. Pray that all the reminders of Christmas would help people to turn to God


  • the church leaders in Guian (on the Eastern tip of the Philippines) as they have a Christmas celebration in the midst of widespread destruction following the Typhoon. Pray that their witness and acts of service would be an encouragement to those in need all around them. Pray that all the money given in donations to relief agencies would be used to provide help as soon as possible to those in need


  • as many are celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela, pray for a serious reflection on the true source of peace and reconciliation. Pray that God would raise up leaders who are peacemakers and that God would open up ways to restrain those who are causing death destruction and misery through the abuse of their earthly power. Remember citizens in Syria, Egypt, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico and other unsettled countries