Prayer Requests – 10th November 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • all the bereaved, especially at this time of remembrance. Pray for parents, children wives and husbands who live everyday with a sense of loss


  • those who represent their communities in public service and in political life. For  government ministers making life and death decisions in international affairs


  • an awareness of the freedoms and comfort we enjoy so that we may be prayerful for those in politically oppressed or unstable countries and those at war


  • individuals with serious health concerns, recovering from operations, coping with a demanding course of treatment and all those who are supporting them


  • Christians seeking to show the love of God through practical care in places of danger or great need that they would also be able to share the gospel clearly


  • Survivors in the areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan, especially in The Phillipines, and all those who have been bereaved or separated from their families. Pray for quick and effective support to reach those in need