Prayer Requests – 3rd November 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • The Lower School as the building work continues. Pray for David Dyson and the staff during a busy term with many extra activities in the approach to Christmas. Pray for staff, Lynda and Martin taking assemblies to support and strengthen the Christian ethos


  • The bereaved, including the families of those whose funerals are to take place this coming week


  • Give thanks to God for every occasion of healing and recovery. Pray for those undergoing treatment and those adjusting to life after accidents or ill health. Ask that God would give stamina and emotional strength to full time carers


  • Citizens enduring long term conflicts, with violence and destruction affecting their homes and communities. Pray for peacemakers to lead and speak persuasively. Pray for Christians to be able to meet for fellowship and to be salt and light when under pressure