Prayer Requests – 13th October 2013

Things for you to pray for this week…

  • Give thanks for all who are involved with leading and supporting our children’s and youth groups. Pray that each one would understand the value of their contribution, persevere and find joy in service. Pray for God’s direction as we plan week by week and also consider strategies for developing and extending meaningful relationships with children and families.


  • Friends and families of those who have died while seeking a new home. All who are driven to leave their home or country seeking safety, remembering those whose responsibility is to rescue and care for them


  • The many thousands who face severe weather, especailly along the north-east coast of India where typhoon Phailin has been coming onto the land.
    For all the relief agencies who will try to bring food and medical support. Pray for their stamina and good judgement under extreme conditions.


  • To be alert to those around us who are under pressure. The bereaved, the sick, those with money difficulties, the lonely, depressed, emotionally strained. Pray for sensitivity to know how to be Christ-like in offering encouragement, comfort and support and that God would show us