Prayer Requests – 6th October 2013

Things for you to pray for this week…

  • People of all ages seeking employment to be treated with respect by potential employers. All who work with prisoners and ex offenders to persevere and to see good fruit as a result of their work
  • Pray for the work of The Stables as they teach and support vulnerable people
  • The bereaved. Anyone facing serious or terminal illness, and those close to them, to deal with their questions and emotions in a constructive and spiritually significant way
  • Continue to pray for those known to us who are ill and those supporting them in treatment and recovery. Those whose mental health is fragile
  • For all who are under direct attack or who live under oppression. Pray for isolated Christians, churches and their leaders especially in Pakistan , Syria, Nigeria, The Karen people on the Burma- Thai border
  • All who are driven to leave their home or country seeking safety, remembering those whose responsibility is to rescue and care for them