Prayer Requests – 15th September 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • Ourselves, new Christians and enquirers to gain such a clear understanding of the gospel that we will always be alert to attitudes, practices or doctrines which threaten Christian freedom but also grow in confidence to share the good news of Christ. Pray for homegroups studying Passion to Witness and for this sermon series on Galatians to help us all


  • Christian Unions in Schools Colleges and Universities as they work to welcome and support new students in Freshers weeks. Pray for God’s hand to direct the work of organisations like Festive and UCCF offering advice training and resources for Christians in further education.  Pray for churches with a ministry to students to be welcoming and faithful in teaching God’s word


  • Anyone facing painful memories because of trauma, illness or bereavement. Residents of Brook House and the housebound. Those whose mental health is fragile


  • Unexpected developments in diplomacy concerning Syria are an encouragement to remember that only God can see the whole picture and only he can reach into people’s hearts to change their thinking and behaviour. Therefore let us be persistent in prayer for situations that seem far too big and ask God to bring good out of suffering; especially that Christians would be able to persevere in patient trust and display Christ-like character