Prayer Requests – 18th August 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • Students receiving GCSE exam results this week. Pray that they would be able to make good decisions about which subjects to pursue as they begin to set the direction of their lives for the next few years. Ask God to encourage the disappointed to persevere in trusting God’s purposes and to remind the successful to be thankful and godly in the use of their talents. Pray that those beginning studies away from home would be serious about setting spiritual priorities and finding Christian fellowship
  • The funeral on Friday of  Brian, Peter Jones’ brother.  The bereaved and in particular those who find it hard being more often on their own
  •  All who are coping with illness both physical and mental. Those recovering from surgery including John Wood
  • For everyone (including ourselves) on holiday from their normal routine to use the time to refresh and/or review their sense of purpose. For Christians to renew their resolve to serve God faithfully in all things according to the opportunities that are uniquely theirs. (This was something Tim Hanson asked us to think about on the recent church  training day)
  • Ask that God would give courage to men and women to be peacemakers in Egypt, Syria and many other places where there is conflict. Whether in high profile public and political roles or within their own communities pray that they would be persuasive in promoting restraint and positive steps to stability
  • Members and leaders of summer ventures to remember what they have learned of God and apply it wisely as they return to home and local churches.
  • For building works at the lower school to progress well and reach a stage that will allow a good start to term for staff and pupils