Prayer Requests – 28th July 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • Learning from faithful witnesses to Christ in the New Testament,  pray for a clear grasp of the gospel and the ability to share sensitively with others. Pray for Christlikeness in developing relationships that matter with all our neighbours


  • Bethany White working with children in Japan. The project near Pietermaritzburg in South Africa which Nickie Carter has been helping with


  • All who are working in mission and relief organisations especially in countries where Christians are persecuted.
    Pray for the work of The Messengers reaching access restricted nations. Tear Fund, World Vision, Crosslinks,  Barnabas Fund and others


  • Members and leaders of summer ventures that they would all remain safe and have an enjoyable time knowing how to adapt to the weather if necessary.. That they would all learn more of Jesus and that their hearts and minds would be open to receiving God’s word. Give thanks for CPAS through which young people’s ventures were established, and for their other work of supporting evangelical ministry in the Church of England.


  • For young people waiting for exam results that they would learn to trust God and remember that their lives are in his hands


  • For children, parents and teachers on their summer break from school, that they would all have an opportunity to relax and enjoy the summer
  • Those who are grieving including people affected by the Spanish train crash.
    Anyone facing treatment or surgery or recovering from illness or injury.