Prayer Requests – 14th July 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • Please pray for the teaching, encouragement and challenges we received at yesterday’s talks by Tim Hanson to benefit the life of the whole church family as we seek to “Know Christ and make him known.” Pray for all those who are wanting to be better informed about understanding the Bible and exploring answers to common questions.
  • Pray for Christlikeness in developing relationships that matter with all our neighbours. Pray for a good occasion next Sunday in Ross Meadow.


  •  Nickie Carter and a team left for South Africa yesterday. Pray for her to quickly find a way to contribute to the work supporting children and families.


  • Bethany White leaves for Japan tomorrow (for three weeks)  Please pray for the team as one member has had to withdraw from the trip. Please ask God to give Bethany wisdom as she thinks through the options of longer term missionary work and the use of her academic talents


  • Everyone affected by physical or mental illness and those around them who are struggling to know how to give support. Pray that God would grant insight, patience and healing to the sick,  – understanding, compassion patience and  practical wisdom to those who care for them


  • All who are working to resolve conflict and Christians in Belfast, Egypt, Syria