Prayer Requests – 30th June 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


Please take time to prayerfully consider your giving as part of your worship and return the form (“Giving generously and Giving efficiently”) to Brian Simister as soon as possible (the information is strictly confidential)


  • give thanks for Adam and Beccy White’s daughter Carys, and for Gavin and Karen Jones’ child Rhys. Pray for all new parents to quickly grasp their responsibility, to grow in confidence as they learn new skills, and to be granted physical stamina with patience in a demanding role
  • Sarah Jones, having moved to Willesden Green recently to begin work for a charity  Pray for her to find Christian fellowship quickly and to adjust so many new things all at once
  • for carers  (both professionals and family members) to have patience and stamina. For those who are anxious about financial provision for their caring needs and for the agencies who offer support to do so with compassion
  • couples preparing for marriage
  • Relationships under strain. Pray for those tempted to use power or violence to exercise self control and for families grow in practical love as they face challenges. Pray for victims of domestic violence to be able to identify it, have courage to report it and escape from it
  • people in our village who struggling with illness, bereavement and loneliness
  • Bethany White as she prays prepares for mission work in Japan
  • preparations for  Summer Venture
  • National leaders grappling with the right response to the continuing violence in Syria