Prayer Requests – 2nd June 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • give thanks for the stability of our nation under the faithful service of the Queen for the last 60 years
  • that God would enable Christians to speak with understanding and  confidence in him as they explain God’s design for marriage and relationships. Pray for the House of Lords to state the many problems of the ill-considered attempt to redefine marriage and to reject the Bill (There is a debate and vote on Tuesday 4th June). At the same time pray for members of parliament to keep working towards just and fair treatment for all members of society in a way that does not prevent individuals expressing their sincerely held convictions
  • school and university students, taking and preparing for exams. Pray they would be able to consider what God wants for their future and not be overwhelmed
  •  for  all who have recently been bereaved, including Kathryn Staniforth, Richard Carter, Tom Salkield
  • all who struggle with the pain of grief and loneliness
  • those affected by sudden disaster such as the tornado near Oklahoma City
  • wisdom and sensitive handling of the reactions to the death of Lee Rigby near Woolwich barracks last week
  • the continuing violence and suffering in Syria and that God would hold back those of other nations who would escalate the conflict to serve their own purposes. Especially pray for Christians to have courage and patience under persecution
  • for Bethany White as she prepares to go to Japan, with OMF for a  mission trip this summer. She hopes to be prepared for future long-term work with OMF. Please consider whether you could help with her finance (Talk to Martin or Brian) and pray for the training, culture/language barrier and the people she will meet. Thank you
  • Asha and Sangster (and son Timothy) are in Bangalore. Sangster recently took a whole service and preached at the Presbyterian Church. They are continuing to evangelise through Christianity Explored and a Bible study group. and ask for our prayers for those who come
  • for a clear understanding of the identity of Jesus, God the Son and for the work of God the Holy Spirit in our lives to make us more like Jesus and bring glory to God the Father