Prayer Requests – 14 April 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • that Christians returning to work or school would be able to talk about how they celebrated Easter. Pray for children who attended holiday club to be able to remember what they were taught and to talk well about it. Pray for those who attended Holiday Club to join Aslan’s Club at the Lower School.
  • teaching staff at schools colleges and universities to be aware of their responsibility as they influence their pupils and students. Pray especially for the Christian ethos of our Lower School to be a reality in every sphere of school life.
  • pupils and students as they prepare for public exams and finals to keep a true perspective.
  • everyone who is feeling weary or losing patience because of their own ill health or the circumstances affecting someone close to them. For all who are grieving
  • Christians to be wise in the way they express opinions on sensitive issues including responses to the death of Margaret Thatcher, redefining marriage, welfare and economic cuts.
  • national leaders and representatives who are considering how best to deal with escalating troubles or military threats. Libya,  Syria,  North Korea, Iraq
  • give thanks for the encouragement of Christian events such as New Word Alive and for those who have been on the teams, including Katy Carter and the Sheffields. Pray for Bible by the Beach and those preparing talks and seminars and children’s teaching. Also for The London Men’s Convention to build up godly men.
  • for our congregation to be joyful and thankful as we share in serving God. For the Annual Meeting to be a reminder of God’s provision and God’s purpose.
  • that every Christian will have the assurance of God’s presence