Prayer Requests – 24th March 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • Pray for the church mini conference on July 13th that our agreed aim to “Know Christ and make him known” will be pursued by each individual Christian and by the whole congregation.
  • good follow-up of the Oak Hill mission team visit to Christ Church, Bedford, which has been running since Thursday. Pray that many would hear and respond to the gospel and that members of the church would be granted boldness to invite others to the events.
  • the training evening tomorrow for Xpedition Force. For the team to gel and for each person to have a clear grasp of what needs to be done. Pray especially for Debbie Kelly this week as she tackles the décor and she will have the support she needs at the right times. Pray for the children attending to take a genuine step further in understanding Jesus and what happened at Easter.
  • the leaders of School Christian Unions to manage the final term of the year well as they look for next year’s leaders. For the committees of University Christian Unions following up missions and preparing the ground for future work.
  • Christians who are struggling with grief to find encouragement or new understanding through being reminded of the cross and the resurrection
  • give thanks for those who have had the encouragement of healing and recovery pray for those who are sick to persevere with patience and trust in God. Pray for Digby and Jean Morgan-Jones. We’ve also been asked to pray for Philip Gaukrodger as he comes to terms with very serious illness.
  • the Disasters and Emergency Committee appeal to help Syrians and wisdom for those trying to find the best way to bring help to people in need in disrupted and politically or socially unstable countries such as Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan.
  • Christian church leaders at all levels, including Justin Welby, to depend on God
  • prisoners and the staff in institutions that watch over them. For those expecting release in the near future to have a clear resolve to apply any positive lessons they have learned.
  • Ali Wood and the staff at the Stables in Bolnhurst
  •  God to be powerfully at work through every portrayal of the cross and resurrection during Easter and for every person in our congregation to be strengthened in faith.