Prayer Requests – 17th February 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • Deanery Synod (representatives of every church in the Sharnbrook deanery) meets on Monday night to consider plans for future development and deployment of clergy. Please pray for God’s hand on the discussions to enable vibrant Christian witness across the villages of North Bedfordshire.
  • for all Christians to know how to speak with grace and truth on controversial subjects and to always point to Jesus
  • give thanks for all who have offered themselves in Christian service and especially today give thanks for Phillip and all others who have encouraged us in our Christian life here in Riseley
  • whatever the final outcome of the proposed legislation redefining marriage, pray that Christians would not lose confidence in the benefit of obeying God’s clear word even when that demands costly self sacrifice. Pray for Christians to give support to one another when facing all kinds of temptations.
  • give thanks for all those who lead and teach our young people and pray that the 23rd February would provide worthwhile help and encouragement.
  • Xpedition Force: Pray for the full number of children to apply and attend and for a good distribution of ages to allow for well balanced teaching groups.
  • all those who have been bereaved, including Richard White whose mother Joyce has died. Pray for those who are preparing funeral services and making decisions about practical arrangements for bereaved relatives
  • those with elderly or sick relatives to know how much and what kind of support to offer and for wisdom when faced with practical decisions about future care.
  • any who are ill or convalescing after illness or surgery, Helen Minter, Digby Morgan Jones, George Clarke, Barbara Owen, Graham Sollars and Joyce Jackson
  • that Lent may be a time to examine ourselves and ask for God’s help to become more Christ like