Prayer Requests – 6th January 2013

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • preparation for the holiday club especially for Sally Eddon, Nicky and Martin Bailey
  • give thanks for the opportunities to welcome people to our Christmas services and pray that they would be prompted to think about the good news of great joy for all people and reflect on how this affects their own lives
  • continue to pray for Nathan Hargreaves and Helen Minter recently baptised, that they would be supported by the Christian family to continue growing as disciples
  •  Bedford Food Bank to have enough resources to meet genuine need
  •  the homeless and agencies who are trying to provide help, including projects such as the children’s homes and centres in Goa where Alex and Karen Somerset are helping
  • all those who have been bereaved
  • any who are facing hospital treatment or recovering from injury, including Barbara Owen
  • the minority groups of Christians in Iran, Iraq Syria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan.
  • Youcef Nadarkhani—we prayed for him last year and he was then released from prison in Iran. He has now been imprisoned again for evangelising, please pray for him and his family and for all others who suffer directly because of their faithful witness
  • Rod Thomas the Chairman of Reform and others who are working to hold Church of England leaders and decision makers to account with regard to biblical truth as it relates to ministry and conduct . Pray for their personal godliness strength to cope with the pressure of giving clear and persuasive comments to the media on controversial topics
  • for the organising committees and the speakers who are preparing for university and college missions during the next few weeks
  • for James Tennant, Sam Pentlow and all Christian workers to be encouraged in their ministry