Prayer Requests – 23rd December 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • Nathan Hargreaves and his parents, godparents and family as he is baptised today.
    Also Helen Minter being baptised today. That they would be granted strength from God and find all the support they need from the Christian family of the church to continue and grow as disciples of Christ
  • that God would use every presentation of the Christmas story over the next few days to catch the attention of those present so that they would hear God’s call and recognise Jesus, Lord and Saviour 
  • for the Shoe Boxes to be received by the young people who will most appreciate them and that the gifts would also convey a message of Christian love with practical care
  • Bedford Food Bank to have enough resources to meet genuine nee
  • the homeless and agencies who are trying to provide help
  • those at work over Christmas in prisons, hospitals, emergency services, the police, care homes, and those away from home including military personnel.
  • all those who have been bereaved this year for whom Christmas may be a difficult time and others who may be struggling with difficult memories and emotions.
  • people in homes and businesses across the country, especially in the south west,  affected by flooding. For all the support and emergency services trying to provide help.
  • that Christmas would be a reminder of God’s love for Christians in countries where there is opposition and persecution. Give thanks for the encouragement that Christians have been allowed to return to their church buildings in Zimbabwe. Pray for the minority groups of Christians in Syria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Pakistan.
  • Christians to have a good understanding of God’s Word and courage to be obedient regarding conduct in personal relationships, marriage and family life,
  • all MPs, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Ask God to help them work for all that will strengthen what is good in his eyes and to hold them back from what is damaging to society