Prayer Requests – 9th December 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • that God would use every presentation of the Christmas story ove the next few weeks to catch the attention of those present so that they would hear God’s call and recognise Jesus, Lord and Saviour  
  • the Church Christmas cards to be well received and a useful reference in the coming weeks. Ask God to provide opportunities to invite people to church and that those who attend would be properly welcomed
  • all in hospital, and for their relatives and friends giving them extra support at a busy time of year.
  • health service workers in hospitals and in the community to remain caring and alert, and to be able to work safely in an increasingly demanding environment
  • all those who have been bereaved and others who may be struggling with difficult memories and emotions. Remember those facing funerals this week
  • the many thousands affected by  the typhoon in the Philippines, the tsunami in Japan and other destructive weather conditions, including flooding and drought
  • the organisations who are working to help maintain the freedom for Christians (and others) to speak and behave according to their conscience. Pray for Christians to have a good understanding of God’s Word regarding conduct in personal relationships, marriage and family life, and the words to express their convictions clearly and graciously. Pray for the Christian Institute, Care for the Family, Christian Concern, Coalition for Marriage, Evangelical Alliance.
  • all MPs, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Ask God to help them work for all that will strengthen what is good in his eyes and to hold them back from what is damaging to society.
  • that God would provide a way for Syria to avoid further escalation of violence and the use of chemical weapons. For the protests in Egypt and the response of President Morsi to allow for a less repressive situation for Christians and other religious minorities