Prayer Requests – 2nd December 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • Christian groups in businesses, schools, colleges, universities and all organisations who are planning Christmas events such as carol services. Pray they would draw many visitors and  present the good news clearly and attractively
  • for many people in our village and among our friends and neighbours to attend and enjoy our services and events and pray that they would hear the Christmas story and grasp its meaning for them in a new way .
  • Pray for the Church Christmas cards to be well received and a useful reference in the coming weeks. Ask God to provide opportunities to invite people to church and that those who attend would be properly welcomed
  • all in hospital, and for their relatives and friends giving them extra support at a busy time of year.
  • health service workers in hospitals and in the community to remain caring and alert, and to be able to work safely in an increasingly demanding environment
  • all those who have been bereaved and others who may be struggling with difficult memories
  • Pray for countries with large scale problems including serious crime, corruption, oppressive government, war, internal conflict — both tribal and religiously motivated. Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Mexico, Burma, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine and others
  • Christian workers in difficult situations. Ask God to give them strength to persevere, wisdom to work strategically, boldness to witness faithfully
  • pray that the Bibles being printed in China (for which we sent a gift ) will allow many across that vast country to hear the good news of their Saviour’s birth this Christmas. Pray for Christians who will be able to teach and minister to others and for many doors to be opened