Prayer Requests – 25th November 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  as God’s word speaks of adoption as his children, pray that our Christian fellowship might demonstrate the characteristics of a loving family, and especially when tensions arise.
  • Christian groups in businesses, schools, colleges, universities and all organisations who are planning Christmas events such as carol services. Pray they would draw many visitors and  present the good news clearly and attractively
  • in the light of so many people expressing opinions about church affairs pray that Christians would be able to point to Christ with clarity and confidence. A prayer by Church Society
    Almighty and everlasting God, ruler of all things in heaven and on earth, mercifully hear the prayers of your people. In the wake of the vote in General Synod, grant comfort to those who are sorrowful, rest to those who are weary, and clarity to those who are confused. Give to each of us, heavenly Father, a heartfelt repentance for our sins, a renewed spirit of grace and love towards our Christian brothers and sisters, and a shared commitment to seek your will, revealed in your holy Word. Above all, gracious Lord, help us fix our hearts where true joys are to be found, in Jesus Christ our Saviour, who died for us and rose again, for we ask all these things in his name, Amen.
  • the staff at The Stables in Bolnhurst as they seek to build confidence, give direction, provide support and teach skills to the clients
  • health service workers in hospitals and in the community to remain caring and alert, and to be able to work safely in an increasingly demanding environment
  • all those who have been bereaved and have lost a sense of purpose in life
  • all who are dealing with personal health issues to be prayerful and patient
  • thank God for a cease fire between Gaza and Israel and pray for leaders to have ambitions for the framing of new agreements which will lead to the building of a stable peace. Pray for countries with large scale problems including serious crime, corruption, oppressive government, war, & internal conflict – both tribal and religiously motivated. Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Mexico, Burma, Nigeria, Afghanistan and others
  • Christian workers in difficult situations. Ask God to give strength to persevere, wisdom to work strategically, boldness to witness faithfully. pray that the Bibles being printed in China (for which we sent a gift ) will allow many across that vast country to hear the good news of their Saviour’s birth this Christmas. Pray for Christians who will be able to teach and minister to others and for many doors to be opened