Prayer Requests – 28th October 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …


  • give thanks for the encouragement of the church weekend away and for Steve Wookey’s Bible teaching from 2 Timothy. Pray for God’s help for those who are trying to put into practice what they have learned or respond to a specific challenge.
  • for the impact of teaching and personal ministry arising from the Singles Conference yesterday. Pray for Chris Coetsee to be faithful in his continuing work in South Africa
  • for our congregation to not only be welcoming but also properly considerate of people’s circumstances and alert to ways of supporting one another spiritually and practically
  • anyone with questions of faith to have courage to explore further and to be directed to a Christian who is able to help them.
  • for The Light Party on Wednesday, and that children would come who are ready to enjoy the evening and hear and receive the message of the light of Jesus shining in the darkness. Pray for safety, good fun, the right number of leaders and children and a clear message.
  • all those who have been bereaved
  • those whom God has called to full time paid Christian service and ministry whether in leading churches, missionary opportunities, charities or relief work. Pray they would have confidence in God’s strength and wisdom when facing physically or spiritually demanding situations.
  • ask God to call people into his service and to equip them for the building up of his church.