Prayer Requests – 7th October 2012

Things for you to pray for this week…

  • our harvest gifts to be helpful for women and young children in need in Bedford
  • for all who are working to teach or enable the development of farming techniques in places where the harvest is vulnerable to drought or the land is not very fertile. Pray for Christian Development workers with World Vision, Tear Fund, Oxfam, Oasis Christian Aid and others and give God thanks for all that has been achieved over many years
  • those at work who feel the burden of responsibility or the pressure of time. Pray for them to be godly in their personal relationships at home as well as in the workplace
  • students to be wise as they settle in to a new way of living , and for Christians in CUs and local churches to be welcoming., particularly for those are homesick
  • the church weekend away (19th –21st October)  to be of benefit for the whole congregation and for the speaker Steve Wookey
  • musicians who give time to rehearse and lead us in our singing to be blessed in the service they give for the sake of others
  • people and communities affected by crime to look to God as they try to understand the problems caused by selfish rebellion against God that they might find comfort and healing
  • Pray for God’s hand to direct the affairs of the Church of England and for our own witness to be thoughtful, gracious and bold during times of high profile controversy and much discussion about the place of religion and faith in our nation