Prayer Requests – 30th September 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • all new students away from home for the first time to be bold in identifying themselves as Christians and to find Christian fellowship quickly. Pray for those who make mistakes to know how to deal with them in a godly way and grow in confidence
  • all who have been bereaved recently and those who carry grief with them after many years, to be frequently reminded of God’s presence and be comforted
  • carers at home to have patience and stamina and to receive respite when needed. Those cared for to know they are valued and not alone, and especially any who feel that they are a burden to be reassured
  • existing leaders of our church youth clubs and for the provision of more leaders with the necessary skills to maintain the quality and safety of the meetings. Pray especially for Jo Nicholls and Hannah Foster as they oversee and coordinate leaders and administration
  • Aslan’s Club, every Wednesday afternoon at the Lower School. Breakout every Friday lunch time at Margaret Beaufort. Christian Unions in Upper Schools and Colleges
  • politicians at party conferences and afterwards to resist the temptations of mere popularity and to discern what will be truly valuable and helpful policies for the health of our nation. Let us pray that whether or not they recognise it politicians on all sides and civil servants would work to maintain God’s ways and standards in home life and community life.
  • the work of relief agencies and individual workers in places of poverty and violence
  • those coping with the loss and destruction caused by flooding
  • Christians who are doubting God’s goodness to be granted a reminder of his love
  • the Church of England decision making process regarding two key issues, the implications and consequences of the debate of ordaining women as bishops and secondly nominations for the next Archbishop of Canterbury
  • the PCC meeting on Monday night
  • the ministry of local churches and for people to recognise Jesus as Lord