Prayer Requests – 9th September 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • our village with all it’s groups and special events to be a place in which everyone can feel valued and live peacefully. That as Christians we would be able to contribute to village life in a God –honouring way
  • both schools in the village to provide good teaching and an environment in which children can develop their learning and character. Pray for the staff responsible for setting and maintaining the ethos and for the governors to be a good support.
  • children who are fearful or feeling isolated in a new class or with new teachers.
  • for those who have been bereaved including the families of Veronica Jones (Peter Jones’ mother), funeral tomorrow in Bedford. Doris Neal (daughters Carolyn and Rosalind). Pray that the funeral services will be helpful for all who attend
  • Benni Wright receiving chemotherapy, and for those supporting her
  • people facing change at home, work, college or university to remain firm in faith
  • Christian Union leaders and supporters (including teaching staff) to have a positive start in the busyness of a new term. Pray for them to have confidence in God.
  • Festive (inc. Karen Jones) encouraging Christians in schools and sixth form colleges
  • people struggling to maintain their work without being overwhelmed or causing damage to their home life.
  • our young people’s work and especially for Jo Nicholls and Hannah Foster as they oversee and coordinate leaders and administration
  • leaders of public opinion and decision makers in government under pressure about how to respond to complex practical, ethical and moral questions. Particularly pray for God’s guiding hand over the treatment of vulnerable people at the very beginning or end of life, and for God’s pattern for marriage not to be undermined
  • the work of relief agencies and individual workers in places of poverty and violence
  • Christians who are doubting God’s goodness to be granted a reminder of his love
  • honesty about ourselves and confidence in God’s purposes as we grapple with changes to our thinking and behaviour to develop the quality of our Christian life