Prayer Requests – 19th August 2012

Things for you to pray for this week … 

  • school students who received  A level results last week and will receive GCSE results this week. Pray that they will learn how to be godly in their thinking and give careful thought to their next steps, including implications for subject choices and career development and for the process of  confirming or changing university places. Pray for those who face decisions about how to approach the future and for school and college staff as they give advice
  • for those who have been bereaved as they cope with changing emotions and also the practical consequences of the change to their circumstances and finances
  • anyone dealing with long term illness
  • Benny Wright as she begins a new round of chemotherapy, and for those close to her to find the best way to give support
  • people moving home or starting new jobs and the unemployed of all ages. Especially pray for those who carry the responsibility of providing for dependents.
  • Leaders and helpers on Ventures and church based holiday clubs, including Sarah Williams and many former members of All Saints
  • those returning from Ventures and other Christian events who have little support when they return home and that they will be able to find Christian fellowship.
  • families on holiday to enjoy a time of rest and refreshment
  • all farmers and seasonal  workers during harvest time
  • for school staff to enjoy their holidays and for all who are helping to care for children
  • that each of us would know how to play our part in strengthening, encouraging and comforting others in the congregation (See 1 Corinthians 14:3 and 12). Pray for God’s help to be sensitive to one another
  • the leaders of our young peoples groups and youth work to have enthusiasm for a new term and to manage the changes or gaps in leadership that may arise. Pray for parents of young children to be well motivated to want to bring them to church regularly so that the children can enjoy learning with others about Christian faith
  • believers in countries where Christians are in the minority and face opposition. Pray for our brothers and sisters in the church in Pakistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, China, Sudan
  • Christian organisations working to support and build up churches in challenging situations: Crosslinks, CMS, The Messengers, Wycliffe Bible Translators and many others