Prayer Requests – 12th August 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  give thanks for all those who worked hard to prepare Munching in the Meadow last Sunday, (and for mostly good weather). It was appreciated by those who came and who were able to stay for lunch and games. Pray for wisdom for those who initiated the event as they consider possibilities for the future  
  • the Olympics: for all the excitement and drama to prompt opportunities for spectators, athletes, and volunteers to review their own goals and ambitions in life so that they would seek the crown of life—1 Corinthians 9:25
  • for those who have been bereaved including the family of Tom Codd from Bletsoe and Jayne Bately from Riseley
  • Benny Wright as she begins a new round of chemotherapy, and for those close to her to find the best way to give support
  • school students receiving GCSE and A level results during the next week or so. Pray for careful thought about their next steps, including implications for subject choices and career development and for the process of  confirming or changing university places. Pray for those who face decisions about how to approach the future
  • people moving home or starting new jobs
  • the unemployed of all ages and people who are working to start or build a business. Especially pray for those who carry the responsibility of providing for dependents
  • give thanks for the encouragement and teaching young people have received on Summer ventures, and that they will be able to retain and apply what they have learned. Pray for those who have little support when they return home and that they will be able to find Christian fellowship
  • leaders and helpers on Ventures still ahead including Sarah Williams and many former members of All Saints, to have sufficient stamina, to set a good example of godliness in their attitudes and to have wisdom in speaking with members who are asking questions or seeking advice.
  • families on holiday to enjoy a time of rest and refreshment
  • all farmers and seasonal  workers at harvest time
  • for school staff to enjoy their holidays and for all who are helping to care for children
  • pray for our church family during the summer months when so many people are away that each time we meet we would take the opportunity to encourage one another and to receive God’s Word. Pray for a good welcome for all visitors