Prayer Requests – 10th June 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  our Church weekend away in October. Pray for the organising group to make good decisions about the details of the programme. Pray for our speaker Steve Wookey as he prepares
  • give thanks for all the groups in the village who worked hard towards good celebrations for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Pray that the reminder of the Queen’s personal faith would play a part in holding back those trends and innovations in society which are dishonouring to God
  • people facing significant changes at work, a change of job, unemployment or retirement
  • anyone uncertain about which path to take for the future to be prayerful and to consider how to be wise and obedient according to God’s word
  • all who are trying to cope with physical pain through injury or illness, to have patience to endure it and to be granted relief through cure or treatment
  • for anyone with a family member facing medical tests or operations to have confidence in God’s purposes and to know how to give support
  • the leaders and teams preparing talks and activities for summer ventures and for those from our church who are involved
  • continue to remember all who are preparing for and taking tests and exams
  • for couples preparing to be married or recently married
  • ask God to bring to mind and help you to know how to pray for a particular place or situation in the wider world, particularly remembering Christians who are seeking to serve and witness under pressure
  • that God would open people’s eyes to see that Jesus is Lord and turn to him in repentance and faith, especially those who come to All Saints services as visitors or enquirers. Pray for all who preach or teach in church, youth groups, children’s groups, home groups or one to one, that they would be clear about the gospel and know how to present the message clearly