Prayer Requests – 27th May 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • for our Church weekend away in October to help our Christian relationships and energise us in our continuing mission to know Christ and make him known. Pray for our speaker Steve Wookey as he prepares and for all those who are contributing to the organisation and practical running of the programme 
  • all the groups in the village who are working to enable good celebrations for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Pray for the service and picnic on Ross Meadow to be a positive community time and honouring to God as we give thanks for the Queen’s faith and faithfulness in her work
  • anyone adjusting to a new role or new job. Pray for those who are anxious about finding work to be able to persevere and to have godly wisdom as they consider how to use their time and talents
  • for Doris Neal in Lillibet Lodge in Bedford who is unwell
  • for Heather Shelton recovering from an injury and for the family coping with practicalities while she is less mobile
  • for anyone with a family member facing medical tests or operations to have confidence in God’s purposes and to know how to give support
  • Paul Laws from Bletsoe in hospital in Bedford
  • more young people to apply for the summer ventures which still have spaces
  • continue to remember all who are preparing for and taking tests and exams
  • for couples preparing to be married
  • Pray for the group of people considering possible candidates to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury; ask that God’s hand would direct them to someone who is convinced of the truth of God’s word and will have the boldness to promote the challenge and good news of Christianity without being swamped or compromised by political considerations.