Prayer Requests – 20th May 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …


·         all the groups in the village who are working to enable good celebrations for the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Pray for the service and picnic on Ross Meadow to be a positive community time and honouring to God as we give thanks for the Queen’s faith and faithfulness in her role

·         people making significant changes in their lives, both practically and emotionally

·         the funeral service for Daphne Bryant here this week

·         the residents and staff at Brook House, carers and patients, in hospital or at home

·         all who are grieving to be able to process their thoughts and feelings and grow in faith and trust in God

·         preparations for summer ventures

·         anyone who is looking for work to persevere with patience and

·         continue to remember all who are preparing for and taking tests and exams

·         world leaders, including those at the G8 meeting faced with decisions which will affect the lives of millions. Pray that God would give them insight to see the consequences of their policies and to use their influence compassionately 

·         organisers, workers and volunteers for Christian Aid and other agencies in areas of great need. Pray for those seeking to help in famine affected areas in the horn of Africa and for the people of Niger where up to six million are malnourished

·         Christians involved in mission to know how to meet spiritual need when physical needs are urgent and overwhelming

·         the Church of England to be able to promote the good news of Christianity as given to us by God while dealing with questions on which Christians have strongly differing views. Pray for the Bishops as they discuss regulations and codes of practice regarding women bishops and proper provision for those are opposed to this development