Prayer Requests – 29th April 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • give thanks for the Annual Meeting and pray for all members of the PCC 

Martin Bailey                                   Brian Simister                            Catherine Smith

Phillip Nicholls                                Kathryn Staniforth                     Martin Hargreaves

Lynda Simister                                Hugh Staniforth                         Jonathan Nicholls

John Wood                                     Graham Sollars                         Richard Carter

Richard White                                  Dudley Ferdinando                    Hannah Foster

Keith Williams                                 Ali Wood

Mark Eddon                                                Sue Williams

  • Martha, the wife of Bishop Hilkiah of Mara in Tanzania, who may be ill and in need of an operation (to be confirmed)
  • relatives and friends of Daphne Bryant , funeral 24th May (She had regularly attended the midweek service). Others who are affected by bereavement anniversaries or difficult memories.
  • those who have disturbed or sleepless nights to be aware of God’s presence
  • give thanks that Alison Blanchard’s grandson Tom is so much better and continue to pray for Bethany (the baby daughter of friends of Amy Chapman)  in a critical condition in hospital. Pray Amy and Phil will know how to show Christian love and support
  • give thanks for the work of the organisations and individuals we support financially—they are listed in the accounts on page 12 of the Annual Profile
  • a lasting impact for Bible by the Beach next week and other Christian conferences
  • all who are preparing for and taking tests and exams or reviewing results
  • anyone beginning a new job, moving home or adjusting to a change of circumstance
  • church leaders from around the world and the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans who met in London this week to have wisdom and boldness in finding ways to hold firmly to Bible teaching and priorities and to have a strong influence in the debates swirling through the Church of England
  • individuals and organisations who are working to uphold God’s standards in marriage and relationships.
  • preparations for the RE inspection at the lower school in a couple of weeks