Prayer Requests – 8th April 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  that Easter would bring a refreshed vision for our church that inspires prayerfulness, joyful service, generous financial support and a growing number of regular attenders to services and children’s Sunday groups. Pray for the Church Weekend in October
  • Easter to be a time of renewed hope and comfort for all who have been bereaved
  • everyone attending local churches today to be encouraged by the good news and for many to take a new step of faith in Christ
  • all who are preparing for and taking tests and exams
  • anyone beginning a new job, moving home or adjusting to a change of circumstance
  • people who are dealing with long term health issues, demanding treatment regimes and those who are close to them
  • ask God to bring to your mind a particular part of the world and its needs and pray for all who have responsibility there including Christians as they work and witness among the vulnerable and distressed. Consider Japan, Haiti, China, Pakistan, New Zealand, Burma, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Libya, Sudan (North and South), countries in the horn of Africa, Syria Middle East, Afghanistan.
  • especially at this Easter time when we consider Christ’s suffering and victory let us remember Christians who are persecuted for their faith and let us pray for all who suffer religious persecution.