Prayer Requests – 25th March 2012


Things for you to pray for this week … 

  • the Lower School Governors meeting on Monday and an important of the North Bedfordshire Schools Trust discussing aspects of the organization and links between schools in the pyramid (Lower and Middle Schools feeding into Sharnbrook Upper School)
  • the next ten days of final preparations for the Champions! Holiday Club Tue 3rd – 6th April, for the final few places to be filled by those who will benefit most. Especially remember the group leaders studying the teaching themes; Katy Carter overseeing the decoration of the church; Sally leading the music and songs; setting up the technical equipment for showing clips which Graham Sollars and Martin Hargreaves have prepared; Martin being up front and communicating the Bible message clearly and interestingly; the smooth running of games; the team providing refreshments to manage the timing; Dudley, Nicky, Julia and others leading crafts. Most importantly, for God to be at work in and among us all, b0th children and leaders
  • that God would guard our society from taking decisions through parliament which would undermine his design for stable communities. Pray for genuine listening and a willingness to change plans during the debate about the place and definition of marriage. Pray that Christians would have clarity of thought and compassionate hearts
  • people affected by accidents or criminal acts and the many workers involved at the scene as well as those who care for the distressed, injured and bereaved in the weeks and months that follow – eg. The murders in Toulouse and the Belgian coach crash
  • Graham Sollars undergoing minor surgery on Wednesday, Richard Slater and Catherine Smith convalescing. Pray for others with health concerns for themselves or those close to them. Edward Bean as his treatment continues
  • The bereaved, including Dudley Ferdinando whose mother died recently
  • Give thanks for the appointment of Sam Pentlow to a new job with the Bunyan Meeting and pray for her in the demanding process of leaving St James Audley in a few months time
  • Easter services here and all over the world to be times of revival and people coming to faith in Christ, Lord & Saviour
  • the Church of England facing many changes and the process of appointing the next Archbishop of Canterbury. The next Bishop of Bedford, Richard Atkinson
  • Rod Thomas, the chairman of Reform – that he would be shrewd in determining the most effective way to promote gospel priorities
  • Boldness and wisdom for the leaders of para-church groups working to support Christians in ministry and education, legal and ethical issues, mission and relief work