Prayer Requests – 11th March 2012

Things for you to pray for this week … 

  • those who are fearful for the future to learn to trust in God
  • people working through questions and difficult emotions as a consequence of bereavement
  • Richard Slater and others in recovery and those preparing for operations in the near future.
  • the next Bishop of Bedford Richard Atkinson.
  • that God would call faithful people into all areas of ministry to serve the church, faithfully preaching “the whole will of God” (Acts 20:27)
  • the Holiday Club training sessions. This week: Learning the games
  • for missions  –  recent and current and coming soon  –  at schools, colleges and universities  to be effective in reaching students and for a lasting impact.
  • Karen Jones and the work of Festive supporting Christian Unions. See the latest  prayer letter. Also give thanks for the new leaders (Jonathan and Emily) for the Christian Union at Sharnbrook Upper School, and for the staff who support them
  • the staff and governors preparing for an RE inspection of the lower school
  • Asha and Sangster and their adopted son Timothy. Sangster is seeking financial support to be able to do further study at the same time as working for a Presbyterian church in India
  • foster parents caring  for vulnerable and distressed children
  • marriages and other family relationships under pressure, especially among Christians, that there would be a concern to act in a godly way, courage to repent and seek forgiveness and to look for reconciliation wherever possible
  • give thanks for the privilege of being able to meet as Christians without fear of attack. Pray for the work of Open Doors (and other groups) as they seek to support Christians who face persecution and pray for our Christian brothers and sisters to be bold in their witness and to know God’s strength when they face opposition
  • the printing of Bibles in China and that when completed they will be widely distributed and read with understanding, bringing people to repentance and faith and building up the church
  • Easter services here and all over the world to be times of revival and people coming to faith in Christ, Lord and Saviour