Prayer Requests – 5th February 2012

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • pray for Edward and Natasha Green, the Godparents and others who will be caring for and supporting Henry who is being baptised today.
  • Dave Sheffield helping this weekend with All Saints Harpenden Youth Weekend
  • pray for people to consider standing for the PCC and for preparation of the annual report (annual meeting Monday 23rd April).
  • the PCC meeting tomorrow night as we continue to consider the mission of our church in line with the Living God’s Love initiative from the Bishop of St Albans; Going deeper into God, Transforming communities, Making new disciples.
  • the right choice of activities, crafts, decorations and the shaping of the teaching programme for the “Champions!” holiday club. For a good number and age range of children to apply. Pray for those who will have up front roles and for the teachers of the small groups to be well prepared. Core team of Sally Eddon, Katy Carter, Nicky Bailey and Martin Bailey to allocate tasks wisely. Give thanks for those who have planned time off work and already volunteered and for the wealth of talent available to us as a congregation.
  • our Christian relationships across all ages in the congregation to be more and more valued as we seek to encourage one another in life and understanding and for the church weekend away in October to be a focus for strengthened fellowship which will lead to fruitful witness in our community.
  • the local groups planning and preparing to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at the beginning of June and for the church to play its part willingly and effectively
  • health-care workers at all levels of practice and management as they debate the best way forward  to provide good services in difficult economic circumstances
  • carers of severely disabled people. 
  • all who are being treated for serious illness and remembering Sheila Surridge’s grandson who is slightly improved but still in intensive care
  • give thanks that Phyllis Whitmore will be moving from hospital to residential care on Thursday and pray for her to cope with the change practically and emotionally.
  • people suffering because of political or military struggles (Syria, Nigeria, Libya, Iraq ,Iran, Zimbabwe, Niger ) and those who are suffering in the wake of natural disasters. Pray for stamina for those who are working to bring help with limited resources and overwhelming need that God would direct them to use what they have as effectively as possible.   (Somalia,  Haiti, New Zealand,  Japan, Thailand)