Weekly Notices – 15th January 2012

Monday 16th January:       9.30am Homegroup, 1 Gold Street

                                                1.45pm Homegroup, 12 Rotten Row

Wednesday 18th Jan:   Opening of the new entrance hall at Riseley Lower School

                                      ABC Mums and Toddlers– postponed until next week

                                           8.00pm Homegroup, Wells Road

                                           8.00pm Homegroup, 7 Brooklands Road

Thursday 19th January:     8.00pm Homegroup at 10 College Drive

Friday 20th January:         7.30-9.00pm Omega+

Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd        AGM of Festive held at Riseley Church

                                               Meeting on Saturday is an open meeting

                                               Everyone welcome