Prayer Requests – 4th December 2011

Things for you to pray for this week … 

  • pray that our Church Christmas cards would be well received and that many would take the time to read the leaflet and attend Christmas events.
  • pray for the PCC members meeting tomorrow night and thinking about  developing the mission of our church in line with the Living God’s Love initiative from the Bishop of St Albans; Going deeper into God, Transforming communities, Making new disciples.
  • Sam Pentlow, James Tennant, Karen and Gavin Jones, Joshua and Pippy Bailey and other full time Christian workers at a busy time of year to keep healthy and to enjoy their work. Pray that many would understand the good news better this Christmas.
  • all who work with seriously ill and terminally ill patients and for all who have been bereaved
  • at least one extra helper for Fusion youth group, pray for the existing leaders, Sarah Smith, Dave Sheffield, Mark Burnage, Catherine Veitch and Simon Nash and give thanks for the numbers of young people coming. Pray they will enjoy the time and learn from the talks.
  • young people in our village to find good role models and to resist the temptation to behave in ways which cause distress to others. For all who work to provide social activities which build friendship and contribute to a sense of community, and our Parish Council and Residents Association overseeing practical aspects of our village life
  • victims of crime and their families and those who are fearful. Prison staff and chaplains, especially at Bedford Prison.
  • high profile leaders and those in public life who are working in diplomatically tense and delicate  situations. Pray God would grant wisdom and courage and especially restraint in the use of force.
  • give thanks that Bethany, the baby daughter of Hannah and Matthew (close friends of Phil and Amy Chapman), is out of intensive care and pray for her to continue to improve.
  • Benny Wright, Edward Bean and others coping with intense courses of treatment. Pray for David Osborne in Bedford Hospital following a stroke and for Anne Osborne.
  • Ourselves, as God makes us more aware of sin that we would see clearly what repentance demands and would know the strength of the Holy Spirit to live in newness of life.
  • for everyone involved in preparing for and contributing to our Christmas activities; services, youth activities, children’s  work,  hospitality. Pray for a strong sense of fellowship and mutual support as we seek to give a joyful and truthful witness to those around us.