Weekly Notices: 27th November 2011

Monday 28th November:                   9.30am Homegroup, 1 Gold Street

                                                                1.45pm Homegroup, 12 Rotten Row

                                                                6.30pm Riseley Lower School Governors Meeting

Wednesday 30th November:            7.45pm Christianity Explored, Vicarage Extension

                                                                8.00pm Homegroup, Check venue

                                                                8.00pm Homegroup, 7 Brooklands Road

Thursday 1 December:                      11.30am—Midweek Service and Lunch

                                                                7.45pm Discipleship Explored, Vicarage Extension

                                                                8.00pm Homegroup. 10 College Drive


Next Week Wednesday 7th December:  The Church Prayer Meeting