Prayer Requests – 27th November 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • for extra help with Fusion youth group, pray for the existing leaders, Sarah Smith, Dave Sheffield, Mark Burnage, Catherine Veitch and Simon Nash and give thanks for the numbers of young people coming. Pray they will enjoy the time and learn from the talks
  • for young people in our village to find good role models and  resist peer pressure to behave in ways which cause distress to others.  For all who work to provide social activities which build friendship and contribute to a sense of community, and our Parish Council and Residents Association overseeing practical aspects of our village life
  • strength to persevere for those seeking good order and freedom of conscience in Burma, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, the new countries of North and South Sudan.
  • give thanks for our Church School and pray for the governors meeting on Monday night and the staff and head teacher, David Dyson,  especially coping with the disruption of building work which has been delayed by a few weeks.
  • parents of very young children who have serious health problems including Hannah and Matthew whose daughter Bethany—just a few weeks old—had an operation on her heart last Monday (they are close friends of Phil and Amy Chapman)
  • for those who need to undergo a demanding course of treatment including Benny Wright, Edward Bean and others who have not been well. Pray for David Osborne following a stroke in Bedford Hospital and for Anne Osborne. Give thanks that Jane Bately  is now at home and pray for her to grow stronger
  • people who live alone to be supported by neighbours and feel a part of the community  
  • fall who have been bereaved and anyone who has faced tragedy or is trying to come to terms with bad news
  • remember prisoners and prison staff and pray for those who seek to support ex-offenders trying to re-engage with the normal routines of life and for their families. Pray for the work of The Stables and volunteers from our congregation and for the Langley Trust.
  • pray that our Church Christmas cards would be well received and that many would take the time to read the leaflet and attend Christmas events.