Weekly Notices – 20th November 2011

Church weekend away: 19th –21st October 2012 – Please let us know that you’re coming!

 Monday 21st November:   9.30am Homegroup at 1 Gold Street

                                                1.45pm Homegroup at 12 Rotten Row

                                                Evening – Village groups discussing Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 2012

Tuesday 22nd November:  Living God’s Love, Mission Action Planning

Wednesday 23rd November: 2.30pm Brook House Service

                                                     7.45pm Christianity Explored, Vicarage Extension

                                                     8.00pm Homegroup, Check venue

                                                     8.00pm Homegroup, 7 Brooklands Road

Thursday 24th November                      7.45 Discipleship Explored, Vicarage Extension

                                                                              8.00pm Homegroup at 10 College Drive

Friday 25th November            7.30-9.00pm Fusion Youth Club in Church Room


Next Sunday is Advent Sunday

Please be ready to take a bundle of Christmas cards to deliver round the village.