Prayer Requests – 13th November 2011

Please pray this week for… all who have been bereaved and especially those affected by war

  • military personnel of all ranks to have a strong sense of responsibility in all they do and for political leaders to  use  their skills for restraining conflict and promoting stability and peace
  • Edward Bean during a demanding course of treatment
  • Jane Bately to heal and grow stronger following an operation last week .
  • anyone who has faced tragedy or received bad news
  • Pray for all surgeons, doctors nurses and carers and for all those who work to manage and finance health care in difficult economic circumstances
  • the shoe box campaign in its final stages to have enough volunteers and to meet deadlines for transport of the gifts. Pray for the distribution to bring joy and new hope to those who have very little
  • the government and members of parliament to persevere in the efforts to find responsible and compassionate ways of handling the effects of the economy on unemployment, health care, education and international aid