Weekly Notices – 6th November 2011

The Shoe Box Appeal is progressing well. There is still time for you to join in. Take a leaflet which gives you full instructions.  If you have any questions ask Katy Carter

 Packing for Africa – Saturday 19 November will mark the end of an era for this organisation who will be sending the last container from Wakefield to Tanzania. Over 20 years thousands of boxes with good quality items have been sent to the Diocese of Mara. The Wakefield Diocese would like to send their sincere thanks to everyone who has supported this work. Gill and David Shaw (who have done so much to coordinate Riseley’s involvement) are hoping to attend a special service today (Sunday 6th) at 4.00pm at St Thomas’ Batley to give thanks for the work of Faith in Action and to mark the appointment of a new Link officer to the Mara Diocese. There is a shortfall of £3,000 to be able to send the final container on its way.

  • Today (Sunday) – CYFA at The Vicarage, 7.30—9.00pm  (There may be a couple of fireworks!)
  •  Monday 7th November – Deanery Synod Meeting, Bletsoe (Brought forward from 14th Nov)
  • Monday 7th November – 1.45pm Homegroup, 12 Rotten Row
  • Monday 7th November – Homegroup, 1 Gold Street
  • Wednesday 9th November – 7.45pm Christianity Explored, Vicarage Extension
  • Wednesday 9th November – 8.00pm Homegroup, 18 Wells Road
  • Wednesday 9th November – 8.00pm Homegroup, 7 Brooklands Road
  • Thursday 10th November – 7.45 Discipleship Explored, Vicarage Extension
  • Thursday 10th November – 8.00pm Homegroup at 10 College Drive
  • Friday 11th November – 7.30-9.00pm Fusion Youth Club
  • Saturday  12th November – Sorted Youth event in London