Prayer Requests – 6th November 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  •  give thanks for a safe enjoyable Light Party – presenting Jesus who came into  the world as a light – and for great support from helpers with activities and catering. Pray for the 20 children to remember and understand what they heard 
  • all who have been bereaved – especially remembering those affected by the shock of road traffic accidents and for members of the emergency services who regularly face critical decisions under great pressure
  • everyone in our congregation who is concerned for a relative or friend with serious illness to know how to show their care and support especially when living far away
  • children born with severe health problems and their parents and carers
  • Edward Bean, Anne and David Osborne, Doris Neal, Jane Bately and others who are ill, their families and carers
  • the shoe box campaign to be well supported and many young people to be encouraged by the gifts they receive
  • our church school and all local schools and staff in challenging times for education
  • continue to remember people in places affected by extreme conditions or disasters—Haiti, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and large areas of SE Asia where there is flooding. The millions coping everyday with very little food in the horn of Africa. Pray for wisdom for relief workers when such situations are complicated by political tensions or widespread corruption
  • remember Christians who face open opposition and pray for them to have courage patience and trust in God
  • our government and leaders of other nations to be able to balance long-term goals with the present stress that is placed on individuals in the populations they represent and for genuine compassion to be a respected factor in policy making. Ask God to restrain the breakdown of his standards of moral conduct and for Christians to be salt and light in whatever places they live and work