Prayer Requests – 30th October 2011

Things for you to pray for this week …

  • that publicity about the Light Party will reach the right children and families to bring the best number to have a really enjoyable event. Give thanks for all who have volunteered and pray for good preparation of crafts games catering and teaching
  • all who have been bereaved
  • everyone in our congregation who is concerned for a relative or friend with serious illness to know how to show their care and support  especially when they live far away
  • Edward Bean recovering from an operation and facing continuing treatment.
  • Anne Osborne to know that God is with her at all times and that those caring for he will be able to establish the treatment that will be most helpful for her
  • Jack Hancock, Jane Bately and others who are ill, their families and carers.
  • the shoe box campaign to be well supported and many young people to be encouraged by the gifts they receive
  • the people of Libya to quickly begin work towards recovery after the death and destruction of the fighting and to establish strong principles of justice after so many years of fear and abuses of power. Pray for Christians to have courage and show love of God and love of neighbour.
  • continue to remember people in places affected by extreme conditions or disasters—Haiti, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and large areas of SE Asia where there is flooding. The millions coping everyday with very little food in the horn of Africa.
  • give thanks for the safe arrival of Bibles in the far east in a country where Christians are restricted and often suffer persecution. Pray for them to have courage and to know how to give an answer for the hope they have within them. Remember Christians in North Korea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Burma, China, Iran and across the world
  • the government and members of parliament to persevere in the efforts to find responsible and compassionate ways of handling the effects of the economy on unemployment, health care, education and international aid